Jennifer Strickland - Speaker, Author
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About Jennifer

Jennifer is a grateful wife to her best friend, Shane, who she affectionately calls "the Cowboy." Their beautiful daughter, Olivia, is fourteen; awesome son Zach is thirteen; and little rancher Samuel is five. Residing near Fort Worth, Texas, the Strickland family is busy with Olivia's high school cheerleading and softball; ´╗┐Zach's fishing, football, and lacrosse; ´╗┐and Sam's desire to explore the wilderness of his Papa and Nana's ranch. From her upstairs home office or the ranch's scenic back porch, Jen loves to curl up with a cup of coffee, journal, and Bible -- the three ingredients to her inspirational messages on faith, beauty, and all the ways God gives us a life of More.  

As a speaker, Jen draws upon her past as a former professional model to help women and girls find their beauty, value, and purpose. Unveiling the lies of the media about women's worth, Jen deposits true value in her listeners' hearts. She speaks on college, high school, and junior high campuses (public and private); at recovery centers, women's prisons, sororities, and at womens' and girls' events. She is also speaks at writer's conferences and to women in leadership.

Jen has written seven books and Bible studies since 2008, and her latest work, 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex, explores the topic of sexual integrity, helping women be set free from shame and embrace a healthy design for sex in the freedom of marriage. Her life's message on idenity, worth, and purpose are found in her Beautiful Lies book, study, and leader kit for women eighteen & up; her teen book More Beautiful Than You Know, and her pre-teen book Pretty From the Inside Out. Each book in this series unveils the distorted ways women get their worth -- by looking to men, mirrors, magazines, masquerades and the media -- and how women can find a lasting identity in Christ. Finally, Jen's incredilbe personal story of transformation from fashion to faith is found in her page-turning book, Girl Perfect, which includes a Study Guide, teaching DVD, and Documentary. This series is based upon her journey as a model and follow the battles she waged to find the real meaning of beauty, healing from an eating disorder, and the true source of personal fulfllment.

Jen began modeling at eight years old. From the time she was seventeen till she left the modeling world at twenty-two, she modeled internationally throughout the United States and Europe. Her gripping story unveils the pain women experience when their life is based on outward appearance, and points us towards a relationship with God which gives us the power to overcome any life circumstance. During those years, she walked the runway for Giorgio Armani, modeled for Olay, Converse, Mercedes Benz, Eddie Bauer and Jordache; and appeared in Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen. She even appeared as Barbie for the 35th anniversary of the doll in Europe. But at the height of her career, her heart hit rock bottom, and she found a relationship with God which gave her the freedom to leave a business that degraded women's worth and led her to return to school to attain her Master's degree in Writing and Literature. Having completed her Bachelor's in Broadcast Journalism, Jen built upon her foundation as a writer to publish her story.

Today Jen's passion meets her purpose -- through writing and speaking, she communicates the inherent value of every person, no matter their appearance, social media popularity, background or beliefs. The best thing is, she gets to do all this while being a stay-at-home mom to her three children.  Most of the time you'll find her in the kitchen cooking her famous spaghetti, hosting sleepovers for Olivia and her friends, chasing little Sam around the park, cheering Zach on in football, or working on her in-laws' ranch, ever near the love of her life, the Cowboy.  

For a window into her heart, check out Jen's Journal, her weekly notes of inspiration from her blog. To see her upcoming events, click here. To support her ministry, click here.  To see all her books and resources, click here. And to invite Jen to speak at your next event, click here. To reach out to Jen personally, email her at Great to have you here!

Jen and Shane