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Beautiful Lies Book, Study Guide,
Leader Guide and Leaders Kit

Beautiful Lies BookAbout the Book

Ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw?

Flipped through a magazine and felt like you'd never measure up?

Believed the person who said you weren't good enough?

You're not the only one. 

When you look to men, mirrors, and magazines for a reflection of your value, you see only a distorted reflection. Former professional model Jennifer Strickland knows this all too well. Being treated like a plastic mannequin left her broken and lost, in search of her true identity. Now she bares her heart and shares her struggles, reaching out with God's truth for all women:

  • We are his beloved daughters.
  • We are his beautiful creations.
  • We are his shining lights. 

The mirrors of the media will always change, but in the reflection of his Word, we see who we really are.



Beautiful Lies study GuideAbout the Study Guide

The Beautiful Lies Study Guide will help women unveil the lies of the world about their beauty and worth and see themselves clearly in the mirror of God. Building on the principles in Beautiful Lies, the Study Guide will help individuals and small groups answer these life-changing questions: 


  • Do you allow people to define your value?
  • Do you turn to God for your self-worth?
  • Do you allow the bathroom mirror to define your beauty?
  • Do you embrace your body as a temple where God's Spirit dwells?
  • Do you take off your mask?
  • What is the real meaning of beauty inside and outside the home?
  • How do you honor your husband as the head of your home?
  • How much do you let media define your worth?

This workbook and Bible study is designed to be used along with Beautiful Lies.



Beautiful Lies Leader GuideAbout the Leader Guide

Michelle Hearn, a Bible study leader with more than 20 years experience, helps you take women on a journey they will never forget! In this leader guide, you'll find simple tips, hands-on activities, and moments of reflection that will help women discover their true identity and value in Christ. This valuable resource will equip the beginner or experienced Bible study leader to get the most out of the Beautiful Lies Study.  





Beautiful Lies Leader KitAbout the Leader Kit

The Leader Kit includes the Beautiful Lies book, Beautiful Lies Study Guide, 10 weeks of Beautiful Lies Video Downloads and the Girl Perfect Docudrama video download.


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