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It didn’t take long to comprehend once I got into this book that the writer really knew what she was talking about. Lies, and living your life based on them, is something she can write about! We quickly pick up that Jennifer Strickland has experienced what she is writing about. Is there anything more reassuring when reading about such a sensitive subject than knowing that the author has been down that very road? I found it uplifting and comforting to have someone who’s been through such hardships, now being capable of total abandonment of her past. Liberated because of God and now serving God! Which is one reason her book is probably such a great comfort and brings us to the feet of Christ. It gives us hope that all is possible…by the power of Jesus Christ.

One thing that I definitely loved of Strickland is that she constantly brings us back to God, his Word and the importance of finding our worth and identity in Him alone. What a contrast with this world that tries to fill our minds with lies! I loved and applauded this of her. As Strickland clearly explains, we desperately need to find our true identity in Christ alone.

We are obsessed with body image, self love, sexual freedom, our worth in what others say of us, anorexia, binges, over exercising, glamour, modeling and fashion. These are just a few subjects she writes about and how the culture feeds us lies that we so eagerly bite into. She on the other hand, counter attacks these powerfully lies with the truths of the Word of God.

I especially loved this quote at the very start -" Lies can be pretty but the truth is Beautiful. As hard as it is to look it square in the eye, truth does free us."

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Lies can be pretty, but Truth is beautiful, writes Jennifer Strickland a former professional model who knows all about the lie and distortions the culture feeds young women. At just seventeen years of age, Jennifer met with Nina Blanchard, the legendary empress of the West Coast modelling world and signed a contract with her. Nina named Jennifer, the “Face of the Nineties,” and was introduced to Steven Spielberg, Eileen Ford, Georgio Armani and Patrick Demarchelier, the favoured photographer of Princess Diana. Jennifer reflected that this interaction was a continuation of the first beautiful lie that she believed, namely that 'if a man or woman thinks I'm pretty, I am. If he or she thinks I have potential, I do. If they want me, I'm worth wanting.'

Are you what man thinks of you? Or do you think that men could measure your value? I (Ken) say to you, that don't be so hasty to deny that you are currently pandering to men's opinions, but search your heart and scrutinize your motives to see if this men/society pleasing trait is well sipped into your veins.

“In this book you will find five beautiful lies which leaves our hearts locked at the bottom of the sea, the splendour within us growing dull and grimy like old, tarnished stones in a treasure chest,” writes Jennifer Strickland about the content of her book which is more an invitation into her heart and into yours. Accompanied with these beautiful lies are five solid truths to help you disable and dismiss the lies that you have come to accept about yourself and embrace the only opinion that matters, namely what your heavenly Father thinks.

It is a languishing cry that over 80 percent of women are unsatisfied with their appearance and that seventy percent are actually depressed about their size and shape. And perhaps, this is because we have a generation of mothers enslaved by the mirror who are trying to raise a generation of princesses in the image of worldly beauty. In one speaking event, Strickland recounts the comments written haphazardly in multicoloured ink all over the mirrors by young girls, which says: I will never be beautiful. I am ugly. No one loves me, not even my father. I am fat and nasty. I will never heal from my rape. Everybody hates me. I am not lovable, not even by God. I am worthless.

What lies are you believing as a woman? Are you identifying your worth with your appearance? Have you forgotten that 'the average model is thinner than 98% of American women?' Have you allowed the truth of the Word to enter in, so that you can discern the lies, contradictions, and confusions of the magazines?

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I would definitely recommend this book because we need to take this message and pass it on, especially to young girls.


Beautiful Lies


 “Every woman should know that she is loved and valued simply for being who she is. In Beautiful Lies Jennifer reveals the lies that so many women believe. She tells her story honestly and compellingly and then offers practical hope for all of us as we seek to live a life of meaning. This book will help everyone who reads it!”

Holly Wagner, author and founder of GodChicks and Survival Guide for Young Women

“Beautiful Lies is a book every woman should read. Jennifer Strickland weaves the powerful story of her life throughout each chapter while emphasizing transformational truths from God’s Word. Her vulnerability, exquisite writing style, and practical take-home applications make this book the ideal choice for personal or for small group use.”

Carol Kent, speaker and author of Becoming a Woman of Influence

“Jennifer Strickland’s story is absolutely compelling. It reads like a novel but it is real life. There isn’t a young girl or woman in the universe who would not be enthralled with this message. As a beautiful young model, Jennifer found emptiness and deep sorrowful pain. Yet today she is a wonderful wife and mother who has found true beauty, hope, and restoration. It’s a message for this generation.”

Jim Burns, PhD, President of HomeWord and author of Confident Parenting and Teenology

“This is not another 'how to' book. This is a personal journey shared by Jennifer. She opens her heart and exposes the pain she experienced while being a successful model. Jennifer puts her modeling experiences on paper in a beautiful, descriptive way. I too went through these same feelings of rejection and being treated like an object and not a person. Sometimes we have to go on an emotional roller coaster to find true love. Come share Jennifer’s journey as she discovers what beauty really is. This book will help you to identify the lies and deceptions of the world and help you find the true meaning of beauty, acceptance and love.”

Kim Alexis, spokesperson and author, former Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated cover girl

“There is a spiritual battle for the minds and hearts of women. It’s real and it’s raw and it’s destroying lives. With transparency and authenticity Jennifer uncovers lies, deception, and distractions that keep women searching for something that will never satisfy. This book is a message of healing truth, spiritual realities, love, and freedom that every woman longs for. Jennifer tackles the tough struggles and issues that women have learned to hide and helps us find hope in our true identity and purpose.”

Debbie Stuart, Church and Leadership Development Director, Women of Faith

“I am a big believer that destructive lies are rooted out only by truth. As an eyewitness to the sinister power of lies in the lives of those God loves, Jennifer Strickland offers good news to girls and women who have believed the lie that they’re not worth much. Beautiful Lies is food for those who hunger for that which really satisfies.”

Margot Starbuck, author of Unsqueezed

“Beautiful Lies captivated my heart in so many ways! The stories of Jennifer’s life brought me from a place of clinging to a place of surrendering. Jennifer reminded me of a better way to live—to move from being a victim who lives in fear to loving myself through God’s eyes and living in freedom! If every parent read this book, they would know how to bless their daughters. If every woman read this book, we could move from living in isolation to living in true community.”

Pat Cimo, Family Life Director, Willow Creek Church

“Beautiful Lies is a must-read for women today. We are lured and seduced to the lies of magazines in stores, our image in a mirror, and the approval of men—only to leave us haunted by what-ifs. Beautiful Lies is a true story of Jen’s authentic journey and insight into the traps of the world and the redeeming love and healing that can only come from God, the creator of beauty and our true identity.”

Debbie Eaton, Director of Women’s Ministry, Saddleback Church