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Why it’s okay to eat Trump’s favorite foods for the inauguration (meatloaf sandwiches that melt in your mouth!)

Somewhere in cyberspace I read that meatloaf sandwiches are one of Trump’s favorite foods. Years ago I discovered¬†Five Guys was one of Obama’s favorite places to eat, and I happily ate burgers with my boys there year after year without a hint of rancor. I learned to cook in Italy. So meatloaf wasn’t on the […]

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U R in Need of Rest (how to pursue the peace you want)

Confession: I’ve become scheduled Susie, checklist Charlie.¬†I study color-coated calendars and rearrange blocks of time in hopes the next day will run more smoothly than the last. This is what it takes to be me. But for the Fourth of July I landed at my husband’s parents’ ranch. Unscheduled. Unplanned. Unbelievably good for all of […]

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