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A New Name: U R More

My mentor Devi Titus once told me that when God gave her the name to match her vision, only then could she pursue it.  She’s the same elegant woman who wrinkled up her nose at a board meeting once and said in the sweetest tone, “I don’t like the name: Jennifer Strickland Ministries.  It’s just, Blah!” […]

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Seasons of Change

Since our family has moved to the mountains, I have been struck by the power of seasonal change. We have seen the sky turn from brilliant blue to hazy gray, the clouds from white cotton to black coal. The shifting seasons have delighted us, kept us inside and drawn us out. Their power has dictated […]

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Here We Go

Well, I’m excited to say that my new website is up and running! On it, you can find out all kinds of information about my speaking, writing, testimony, and my newest addition — the beginning of an online store.

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