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The Miracle of Christmas comes again

A few nights ago I was wrapping presents while Livy’s friends draped themselves on my couch. “I already got what I wanted for Christmas,” I told them as I tied the bow.  “Really?” “Really.”     In the midst of Christmas errands the Cowboy had said it like a thought that often runs through his mind. […]

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U R a Fighter (3 Ways to Fight for What You Want)

There is an old wood sign that hangs outside our laundry room door. It reads: HOME. When things went sideways in my marriage, I used to stand under that sign, folding laundry, watching the kids play in the yard, and dig in my heels. I am one stubborn woman, but this time my stubbornness was the […]

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U R Beautifying Us (How Hard Times Change Us for the Better)

“Oh, and Jen,” she says, “I feel like God wants  me to share something with you, that you need some Good News….” The news she shares is private, and it is Good News. Her family has traversed tragedy, and trust was born. There are no predictors about this next chapter, but there is faith. However large the […]

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U R Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (when you are being squeezed)


“When you are in the vise grip,” Devi once told me, “and you are being squeezed … like a lemon, let it produce sweet juice in you – sweet lemonade, refreshing to the taste. Do not let it make you bitter.” I am being squeezed — as the Word calls it, “hard pressed.” Every moment is a choice to […]

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