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Reflections on what really matters

U R a Fighter (3 Ways to Fight for What You Want)

There is an old wood sign that hangs outside our laundry room door. It reads: HOME. When things went sideways in my marriage, I used to stand under that sign, folding laundry, watching the kids play in the yard, and dig in my heels. I am one stubborn woman, but this time my stubbornness was the […]

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U R a Momma So …

U R a Momma So: You are a vessel to the future. You are a molder and a shaper, a giver of gifts and grace. You signed your name on the dotted line the day she was born. You carried her home in fresh blankets and lace. You became her source for snacks and juice […]

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U R Walking on Water (an honest letter from Jen…)

Rebecca Friedlander

Dear Friends, It seems high time for an honest letter from me to you. So here goes… Yesterday I organized the book closet. Today our bookkeeper is here. Recently three precious souls made three donations. Three. Donations. In. A. Row. So did our faithful five: the five faithful givers who donate their precious resources, every […]

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U R So Pretty (How to help our Girls know what Pretty Is …)

Pretty From the Inside Out by Jennifer Strickland

“U R So Pretty!” they hear, or don’t hear, every day. U R So Smart (or not). U R So Athletic or Rich or Popular or Cute (or not!) …. Every day the world makes a judgment call on our girls.  So we have to teach girls their value every day, and help them understand what “Pretty” really is […]

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