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U R Fighting a Battle (how counting breaks through fear)

I am sitting on my back porch watching a mama bird feed her babies. There are two birds — the Daddy caws protection from predators, and Mama returns with tiny worms.  Three bright yellow beaks gape open wide, the babies squeal shrill when she feeds them. Not so different from our life here. Look at the […]

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U R My Provider (laying down what you want for what you need)


When faced with laying down the treasure of his heart, Abraham obeyed. He rose early, took his son Isaac whom he loved, and went up to the mountain to offer him as a sacrifice. When his son questioned him and there was no answer in sight, Abraham proclaimed, “God himself will provide.” If he had […]

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Christmas Waits for No Man


“This is the Amazing Race!” I kept calling to the Cowboy as we panted through the last few days to Christmas.  Ribbons and bows, toys and rows, wish lists and dreams and Santa big schemes … we did it all. Ready or not, Christmas came. We sprinted to the finish, napped, and woke to the […]

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