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How looking in the mirror teaches us our “who” and our “do” – and some big news about Jen on FB Live starting March 21

“How did becoming a Christian change your life?” her sweet, innocent voice asks, the telephone line connecting me to California. “That’s a good question,” I answered Grace, our niece whose name means all things beauty. “Becoming a Christian taught me my “who” and my “do,” I finally answer, relieved when I can put words to such a life […]

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I am praying for our nation, and I have something to say about this election.

Our country is at a crossroads, and we need a fearless leader.    We have two candidates who can win the Presidency, and we have to get behind one.  Two people — two platforms — two belief systems by which to govern this great nation. The Supreme Court justices the new President appoints will govern the laws of our […]

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When You Must Look at What You Don’t Want to See (meeting grace and truth in hard places)

Shutting our eyes is easier than opening them wide to the hard truth, because the hard truth casts light on what we don’t want to see. It’s a strange truth that people don’t want to see their own messes because if we look at them we think that will make us look messy. But a […]

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