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You are My Friend (so I gotta help us out here . . . )

Women have created quite a name for themselves lately. “I’m a vulva.” “I’m angry.” “I’m nasty.” “I’m afraid.” I’d like to refresh this conversation in ways we hope our daughters will mimic. Instead of clenching fists, maybe we can open our hands a little on what it really means to be a woman and offer a […]

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U R Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (when you are being squeezed)


“When you are in the vise grip,” Devi once told me, “and you are being squeezed … like a lemon, let it produce sweet juice in you – sweet lemonade, refreshing to the taste. Do not let it make you bitter.” I am being squeezed — as the Word calls it, “hard pressed.” Every moment is a choice to […]

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U R More Than You Think You Are (even though you think you’re not?)

U R More Than You Think You Are

When I saw her in the dream, she exuded fab.  She sauntered in high heels and a tailored dress, her red hair sweeping wild over beaming eyes. But the girl before me: her eyes are hidden dim behind frames.  Her hair, the color of auburn leaves drenched by fall rain, drips over stooped shoulders.  As I […]

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