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You are My Friend (so I gotta help us out here . . . )

Women have created quite a name for themselves lately. “I’m a vulva.” “I’m angry.” “I’m nasty.” “I’m afraid.” I’d like to refresh this conversation in ways we hope our daughters will mimic. Instead of clenching fists, maybe we can open our hands a little on what it really means to be a woman and offer a […]

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The Spirit of Christmas Lives On (how to keep your candles burning for the New Year)

“Christmas is over, baby,” I said nonchalantly as I buckled  little Sam into his car seat, his legs dangling long.  “It’s time to go back to school.”  “Christmas isn’t over in my heart,” he said, boldness rising. “In my heart, Christmas just happened.”  Isn’t that what we all want?  Do we just want to go […]

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U R Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (when you are being squeezed)


“When you are in the vise grip,” Devi once told me, “and you are being squeezed … like a lemon, let it produce sweet juice in you – sweet lemonade, refreshing to the taste. Do not let it make you bitter.” I am being squeezed — as the Word calls it, “hard pressed.” Every moment is a choice to […]

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