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Father, Heal Our Land

Yesterday, I stress-ate. I online shopped. I bleached toilets. I scrolled Facebook, and the anxiety crawled up inside me like ants. But today’s a new day, and I know where to go for the Source of wisdom and knowledge, understanding, and peace. Googling “scriptures on prayer and healing,” I land in Jeremiah Chapters 30, 33, […]

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When God Turns a Page (how putting HOME 1st changes everything)

I have always loved public ministry. No matter the opportunity, I love inspiring women that in Christ, we can ALL have a new day. We can all turn a page. I love seeing women open their hearts to the love God has for them. It may sound strange, but I feel relieved when they come […]

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When You Must Look at What You Don’t Want to See (meeting grace and truth in hard places)

Shutting our eyes is easier than opening them wide to the hard truth, because the hard truth casts light on what we don’t want to see. It’s a strange truth that people don’t want to see their own messes because if we look at them we think that will make us look messy. But a […]

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U R Created to Create (when the longings are real and what you want is honest)

There are plump raspberries, tangy almonds, dried apricots, cheeses and chocolates. There is wine, tea, and a gathering of women. My friend Tracy summons us a few times a year, teaching us to count our days. She calls it a “Bucket List Party,” and guides us to scratch out our dreams, as if the act […]

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U R my Beloved (looking through the lens of the Father’s eyes)


Writing a book takes at least a year.  Or a lifetime. Beautiful Lies took a lifetime of believing people measured my value.  Broken by the lie that “I was what man thought of me,” I grasped for a clearer reflection of who I was.  Seeing myself through the Father’s eyes made all the difference.  In His eyes, […]

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