U R All for the One (how working for an audience of One is worth it)

I lay my head to pillow, eyes red from screen daze.  Maybe I looked too long, at each word, each image, each line.  When the blog engine said the post had been “edited” 38 times, I thought, maybe so.

Can’t sleep till I read the Word.  Open to my next reading, Luke 1.  Three sentences in, He breathes life into my work — that work you wonder is anyone ever going to appreciate?  Is anyone ever going to see?  Will it affect souls?  Or am I just pining away in my office creating a landscape few will walk on?

There it is in Luke 1:3:  “It seemed good to me also … to write.”  Luke is saying, hey, lots of people have undertaken the job of compiling a narrative.  Many have written, he says.  But it seemed good to him also to write about the life of Jesus so that one guy (Theophilus) would have certainty about God.


WAIT!  Did he just say he wrote the whole story of Jesus’s life for One man?  Theo?  Yep. For One.

Should we blog for One?  Write a book for One?  Speak to thousands in hopes One walks away certain of the gospel?  Should I or you spend night after night and day after day pouring, teaching, inspiring, encouraging One girl (the one who lives four steps down the hall, one step left)?  One Girl?

From a worldly view, that seems crazy.  From a kingdom view, the answer is Yes, yes, yes, and it makes perfect sense.  Luke wrote the book for One, and through the purity of that heart, millions have read the Book of Luke.  Even more have been changed through the heart that intended to make One soul certain.

I was One girl.  And now I’ve got One, and pouring it all out for her seems the very best thing on the earth I can do.

Have you thought about this lately:  God paints the sunrise over a field whether we see it or not?  He creates woods to walk in whether we are going to appreciate them or not.

One Girl 1

One Girl A

He casts out hills and meadows that He knows full well only a few will embrace.  He creates the perfect wave for One to ride.  A creepy crawly thing to poke it’s head out of a mound of sand, for One little girl to squeal in delight.

One Son.  One God.  One Gospel.  One Church.  One Nation.  One Soul.  If He is all about the One, so can we be.

Who’s the One you are writing for today?  Working for?  Speaking for?  Who is that One you can reach with your voice, your touch, your faith, your hope?

Even Jesus looked through crowds for One woman.  Stood up for One who felt ashamed.  Called One who was sick in the mind, touched One born blind.  So I’ll go ahead and live and move through my days for the One.

All for the One.  If He did it, and we are made in His image, so can we.

Touch One today, and be satisfied.


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