U R More Than Enough, God (On the Porch, meeting with the God of the More)

When I look out upon grassy fields, shorn brown and sweet green smell of rain, when I am silent to hear the dove and sparrow, even the crick of this porch … when a single raindrop, a rooster’s crow, quiet pat of country flag, wet against the wind, meets my ears.

When I stop, listen, hear, see white bird darting by cattle, splash  of pure on summer morn … I look across the prairie, feel cool breeze caress my neck, curl in wicker chair, land and sky before me:  It is all Morning Glory.

And I wonder how, how, I can ever claim “not enough.”  Not enough money, not enough time, not enough reasons to smile warm and let it linger.  How is it, that in the mundane, in the detail, in the hard, I lose sight of God?  Lose sight of the More?

More graces, more gifts, more gratitudes than a life can count.  More beauty, more blessings, more moments.

Sun light speckled through forests green, a thousand fireflies at dusk.  The side of our boy hunter’s face, upward with wonder.  That moment after day long and languished, when our athlete looks up from bed covers, skin tanned and eyes tired only the way weekends can do, and in his eyes he says to me, I can sleep once you’ve kissed me.  I can let these muscles sink into dreams only after your bedtime prayer, and with a hug he drifts to sleep.

Sam ranch smallShane on tractor smallboywheeler

I’m grateful for my cowboy on tractor, more ever to learn, fields to mow, lives to level, weeds to control:  that we find freedom in this landscape, his warm muscles broad and sore at end of day.  Unity like a prayer between us, the oil that bonds.

In this, more.
In that, more.

Sometimes we forget that our life IS More, and not Less, because we suffer the lie that God is a God of less.  But He is the God of the More — and the more we seek His graces, the more we search for the sunlight, the boy child, the athlete, the hunter within us all — the more we take in the grandeur of His creation — the More we become.

God, today I say to you, thank you for a life of More.  Thank you in this way, in that.  Thank you that in you I find more than enough manna, more than enough bread, more than enough beauty, and more than enough reasons to be grateful.

Today is More, because U, God, R More.

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