When Women Come Together

When women gather, we are stronger. We are wiser. We are more beautiful together than on our own. When one of us falls, the other can lift her up. When one of us hurts, the other can offer comfort. When one of us doubts, women who have walked long, hard roads can point the way of faith.

Today is International Woman’s Day. (I am wondering when we will have International Men’s Day?!!) So on this day, as a woman, I want to offer some ways you can encourage, mentor, strengthen, and uplift the women and girls around you.

Take a girl to lunch or dinner and ask her lots of questions about her. Speak to her like she is already the best version of herself. Lift her up. Lavish her with love. Express your pride in her, not because of where she has been or what she has accomplished, but because she is a precious daughter of God — and that’s enough reason to celebrate her today.

Give a thoughtful gift or card to a woman who has influenced your life — or send a message to one who might need to know she matters.

Use your voice to bless, not to curse. Speak words of kindness in gentle tones to those who are hurting.

When I am struggling, cracking, or downright breaking, my sisters lift me, encourage me, and remind me to keep my eyes ever on the Lord.

We are created to be encouragers. We are designed to nurture, to give, to guide, to comfort, and to heal. It is who we are.

Each day, we have a choice — to wake up and be women who walk in our God-given identity — or women who step out of it by way of fear, resentment, or victimhood. Each moment, we pick fear or faith; bitterness or beauty; nastiness or nobility; powerlessness or strength. We choose.

If you’d like to celebrate women in your life today, I encourage you to give the gift of The Invitation — a beautifully bound, year-long devotional that will encourage, inspire, uplift, and challenge women to be all they are meant to be. In honor of women everywhere, we are offering a “buy four get one free” so you can give the gift of encouragement again and again to the women you touch. In a few minutes of reading, she will believe in herself and in her dreams again — knowing that nothing — and I mean nothing — is impossible with God!

Now go celebrate a woman today! (but don’t forget to honor the men at your side).

Your friend,

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