When Women Preach the Word

Apparently some people are upset that women have been preaching. It’s kind of funny, since the first person to announce the resurrection was a woman, commissioned by Jesus himself.

I fell in love with Jesus from reading the New Testament; my context of Him came from Scripture. I loved the way He valued, championed, defended, noticed, and cared for women. He offered a fallen woman a cup of living water when shame hid her from people’s eyes. To judgmental religious leaders, He defended a brave woman who poured extravagant oil on His feet, describing her action as “beautiful.” After His death, burial, and resurrection, He chose to show himself first to a woman, and called her by name.

No one but Jesus gave the Woman at the well permission to run back home and tell everyone about him (and many believed because of her testimony). No one but Jesus proclaimed that wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, the story of the Woman with the jar of perfume would be told. No one but Jesus healed Mary Magdalene, who followed Him from Galilee to the Cross, providing for His needs. And no one but Jesus chose Her to be the first voice of the miracle of His resurrection (John 20:1-18, Mark 16:9, Matthew 28:5-10).

No one but Jesus told me to “Go and tell” my story, to preach and teach the Word, to share my faith and write Bible studies. No one but Jesus has given me this gift. As for the men in my life, I am SO grateful they never held me back, but only propelled me forward.

We know that Jesus loves women and respects them deeply. Without them, our homes, our churches, our world, would be without their light.

If you are wondering how to respond to the men who want to oppress women, do what Jesus did: Love one today.

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