You are My Friend (so I gotta help us out here . . . )

Women have created quite a name for themselves lately.

“I’m a vulva.”

“I’m angry.”

“I’m nasty.”

“I’m afraid.”

I’d like to refresh this conversation in ways we hope our daughters will mimic.

Instead of clenching fists, maybe we can open our hands a little on what it really means to be a woman and offer a new definition we can all be proud of. 

I’m a mother.

I’m a wife.

I’m a friend.

I’m a sister.

I’m loving.

I’m kind.

I’m brave.

I’m free.


That’s where I’m going this year, friends. That’s who I am and I bet that’s who you are too. If you are a dad, brother, or son, you have just as much power to show a woman or girl her true worth.

Since we’re being honest, here, however …

I totally got wrapped up in the Facebook arguments. I defended, I disagreed, I lost friends. I posted (gasp) pictures of the president I supported. I even posted prayers for him and his cabinet. I would hope I would have done that regardless of who got elected — but who knows?

Then I had a dream that the Cowboy and I were elected officials at the White House and I was rearranging the beat-up furniture and we were chatting with Obama, and I told him what a great speaker he is. 

And I realized my mind has been way too wrapped up in this.

I jumped into Facebook; entered discussions; got mad; pulled back.

It was during one of these off-facebook moments when I decided to be a better example for my daughter, to invest more time, patience, and smiles into our relationship.

It was also during one of these times when I experienced a flood of positive messages for women.

I’m back to looking at the nature of God, wanting to imitate His character and His ways. 

I’m also back to wanting to teach real women (including the ones up close and personal) their true worth and inspire them to do what only they can do to bring out the best in who we are.

That’s it, folks.

So what’s coming?


Lots of good messages coming from my heart to yours.

Your friend,

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