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You Are More than what Men, Mirrors, and Magazines Say

When women and girls look to men, mirrors, magazines, masquerades, and the media for a picture of their worth, they see a distorted reflection of who they are. Former professional model Jennifer Strickland knows all too well the despair women experience by allowing people, their weight, or their online image to define them. Fifteen years in the most glamorized industry in the world landed Jennifer on Giorgio Armani’s runway one month and trying to kill herself the next. Anorexia, drugs, and being treated like “a thing in a world of things” left her wondering where to turn for her true value.

Now she has dedicated her life to teaching people their true value. Through real life experience, she teaches women to turn away from the "mirrors of the world" and look into the never-changing mirror of the Word, where their beauty, identity, and worth become crystal clear. We are God’s beloved daughters, precious creations, beautiful temples, shining lights, and chosen ambassadors, designed to reflect His image to this generation.

Women who read this book will:  

  • recognize the ways they have allowed people to define their value
  • turn to their heavenly Father for their identity and worth  
  • see how they have allowed the bathroom mirror to distort their real beauty
  • embrace their bodies as God's creations and temples where He dwells
  • take off their masks, get real about their pain, and be set free
  • redefine beauty as a woman who shines inside and outside the home
  • recognize the media is not a definition of their value, but an opportunity to offer light and hope

This is a great book to experience as a group!

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  Thank you for helping us instill value, identity, and purpose in every person we reach!

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