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Beautiful Lies Study Guide

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You Are More Than What Men, Mirrors, and Magazines Say

Women who desire to go deeper in their study of the culture’s lies and how to overcome them can do so with the help of this growth and study guide. Building on the principles in Beautiful Lies, the Study Guide will help individuals as well as small groups and Bible studies ... 

  • recognize the ways they have allowed men (humans) to define their value
  • turn to their heavenly Father for their identity and worth  
  • realize how they have allowed the bathroom mirror to be the definition of their beauty
  • embrace their bodies as a part of God's creation and the temple where His Spirit dwells
  • take off their masks and get real about their pain so they can be healed from it
  • embrace the real meaning of beauty as a woman who shines inside and outside the home
  • be challenged to honor their husbands in the home as they honor God
  • recognize the media is not a definition of their value, but an opportunity to share Christ with the world

About The Study Guide

This is an empowering study to do as a group!  Each person doing the Beautiful Lies Study Guide will need a Beautiful Lies book to go along with it.

6-11 books @ $9.99 each SALE: $9.49 EACH!
12-23 books @ $9.99 each SALE: $9.24 EACH!
˝ case = 24 books @ $9.99 each SALE: $8.99 EACH!
Full case = 48 books @ $9.99 each SALE: $8.74 EACH!
*plus tax, (in TX), plus shipping and handling.

For a quote on 2 cases or more, please email us at orders@urmore.org
or call: 817-251-9162

Thank you for helping us instill value, identity, and purpose in women!

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