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More Beautiful Than You Know

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Celebrating the Young Woman God Created You to Be

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Have you ever let a magazine define your body image or tell you how you should look? Ever stared into the mirror and thought, “I hate my body”? Have you given a guy the power to decide whether or not you matter?

You’re not the only one. So many young women suffer from insecurity and poor body image. When you look to anything—or anyone—other than God for a picture of your self-worth, you’ll see a distorted reflection. Former professional model Jennifer Strickland knows all too well the despair young women experience when they allow the world to define their beauty. Being treated like a plastic mannequin left her wondering where on earth to turn for her true reflection. 

Now, in a new version of her acclaimed book Beautiful Lies, Jennifer tells you that when you turn away from the mirrors of the world and look into the never-changing mirror of the Word, your beauty, purpose, and identity become crystal clear. You are God’s beloved daughter, his hand-crafted creation, designed to reflect His image in a world that needs to hear your voice.

Discover a beauty, purpose, and identity that will last. 

This book will you help young women:

  • love and respect themselves by inspiring them to see themselves through their heavenly Father’s eyes
  • accept and care for their bodies as they learn to see it as a work of their Creator’s hand
  • protect and honor their sexuality as they grow to see their bodies as Holy Ground
  • reflect real beauty inside and outside the home by looking to Jesus as their Light
  • use screens for positive influence as they embrace their identity as Ambassadors of the Most High

Includes 30 days of devotions

We believe this book can impact a whole generation of girls.  Will you help us reach young women with the message that their true value comes from the way they look to God?  Their real beauty comes from their identity as His beloved daughters.  His precious creations.  His beautiful temples.  His shining lights. His chosen ambassadors.  Let's give them this book and help them become World Changers!

For every 10 books sold we will donate 1 to a Teen Recovery Center of your choice.  When you buy 20 books, we will donate 2 to a College Campus Sorority of your choice.  When you buy 30 books, we will donate 3 books to the High School Library of your choice. If you don't know where to send them, we will gladly get them to places where young women congregate!

Thank you for believing in this message and helping us spread the aroma of Truth around the world!

When buying 10 or more books, where would you like your donated copy sent?:

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