Our world is filled with hurting women, and our prisons are filled with them too.

There are over one million incarcerated women and teen girls in America, and the vast majority have been physically or sexually abused. The number of female inmates has tripled since 1985, and four million American children have mothers behind bars. 

Women in prison often feel they have no worth, no value, no one to help them, and no future. This couldn't be further from the truth. Despite their poor choices, they are loved and forgiven. They are cherished and chosen, and they have purpose.

When I speak in prisons, we are not allowed to have a book drawing or do a giveaway. Every dollar it takes to travel and speak in prisons is covered by our donors, and if we give gifts, each woman must receive the same gift or no gifts will be received.

We are waiting to hear on our next prision visit date. Our goal in Fall 2018 is to give 300 gift bags to help these prisoners find their value, strength, and identity in Christ. 

Each gift bag includes my Beautiful Lies book & Bible study combo & a set of poetry written to inspire women to take hold of their identity in Christ. These gifts will help women behind bars heal and find their strength and beauty in who they are in God's eyes. Your continued support makes it possible for MORE women behind bars to discover their worth!

Click on one of the gift bag options below to donate, or use the banner to designate your own gift amount. Thank you!

Sponsor a Woman

"I was in prison and you came to visit me." -- Matthew 25:3