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Thank you for your interest in considering Jennifer to speak at your event. She is an engaging, dynamic, and authentic speaker who reaches those who are searching for More faith, forgiveness, and freedom. Attendees will be inspired to know that no matter what they are facing, they are not alone.  They are loved, cherished, and valued.

Her favorite sessions focus on helping her audience see their worth through God's eyes.  She is equally passionate about unraveling the essence of forgiveness, helping her hearers release their pasts, and inspiring them to turn their pasts into purpose.  

Jen tailors each message to the needs, ages, and setting of your audience. Topics can be formatted for a 1 - 4 session event, and messages can be customized for pre-teens, teens, college-age, women of all ages, and both genders. She is entirely comfortable with speaking in a wide variety of secular and religious settings, and is committed to honoring the parameters of her environment.

For more information about inviting her to speak at your event, please fill out the Speaking Request Form below. For her downloadable speaker sheet, click here. If you are interested in having her speak at your public school, click here for speaking topics.

We consider it an honor to share in making your event a life-changing experience for all who attend. If you have any questions regarding your event planning, please contact us at or (817) 251-9162. We are glad to serve you, and look forward to helping make your event a success!

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Speaking Topics

U R More

The biggest lie people believe is, "I am not enough." Not pretty enough; not together enough; not good enough. But the Word of God teaches that we are More than what meets the eye. More beautiful, more powerful, more gifted and more loved than we know. When we realize how He sees us, we have grace for our flaws and embrace the fact that we are More than Enough just as we are.

Sessions may include: U R Loved; U R Valuable; U R Forgiven; U R Chosen, U R a Voice, U R More than who you used to be. In these sessions, Jen will help you:

  • See yourself through God's eyes, as His loved and chosen child.
  • Realize your past does not define you, and neither does your worst day!
  • Establish your significance in the Word of God instead of the words of others.
  • Embrace your beauty, value, and purpose as defined by God and not the media.

More Beautiful Than You Know (for young women)

Young women are bombarded with lies about their value. The media inundates them with images of beauty that are not true to life. These messages focus on the primary issues facing this generation of girls: sexual purity, body image, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, and social media addiction. Attendees will gain a greater perspective of their inherent value as God's loved and already-approved daughters. They will learn to:

  • find their worth in God instead of people
  • see themselves as beautiful, created by a loving God
  • regard their bodies as sacred and see the value of waiting for sex till marriage
  • experience the power of forgiveness from any way they have dishonored their bodies in the past so they can move on in a healthy way.
  • view the media as a vehicle through which they can shine a light of real beauty, worth and purpose that comes from knowing who they are in Christ.

Beautiful Lies (for women)

As women, we tend to look to the wrong things for a reflection of our value. We look to the man standing in front of us; the reflection in the mirror; the lies of the magazines; the masks we wear; the measurement of the media. But these things only confuse our value. It is only by looking in the Mirror of God that we see who we truly are: His beloved daughters and precious creations, hand-crafted dwelling places where He wants to reign and shine. We are His chosen instruments, designed to represent Him in a world that needs us to impact it for Good. These sessions will help attendees:

  • recognize the ways they have allowed men (humans) to define them, and turn to the Father for their identity and worth.
  • realize how they have allowed the bathroom mirror to be a reflection of their value, and embrace their beauty as a part of God's creation.
  • embrace a new definition for "body image" as God's holy place where His Spirit dwells.
  • take off their masks and get open about their pain so they can healed and be set free from it.
  • recognize the real meaning of beauty, as one who shines both in the home and outside it. For married women, this can also include teaching on honoring their husbands in the home.
  • use the media as a vehicle for the Good News, taking authority over the screens so that in all things we do, we are shining His light into a world that needs it. 

From Broken to Beautiful (Jen's Testimony)

For fifteen years, Jen worked in the most glamorized industry in the world. As a professional model she appeared in TV commercials for Oil of O'lay, Mercedes Benz, and Coca-Cola; appeared in Vogue, Glamour, and Seventeen; and walked the runway for Giorgio Armani in Milan. But at the height of her career, her heart cried out for More. Her journey from fashion to faith, her exit from the limelight of the stage, to a life spent serving the hurting and lost, will captivate any audience. Attendees will be moved to discover, embrace, and reflect beauty that really lasts. Her story will:

  • Ignite a desire within you to pursue a deeper relationship with God.
  • Challenge you to be honest about your pain so it can be transformed into purpose.
  • Ignite a desire within you to tell YOUR story and use it to help others. 

From Victim to Victor (The Power of Forgiveness)

For years, Jen carried the pain of her past with her. Defined only by who she used to be and all the heartache she experienced, she didn't know how to cut the tie with the past and move on for good. When a woman at an event challenged her by saying Jen was still living as a victim instead of a victor, the course of Jen's future changed. She ventured into a journey of forgiveness that was long, painful, but incredibly worth it. Attendees will be inspired to:

  • seek the help they need to release their pasts so they can move on from painful experiences to joy.
  • stop rehearsing their victimization and allowing it to become their identity.
  • surrender their pain to a loving God who can take it and heal it for the benefit of others.
  • receive comfort for their pain while also being inspired to turn it into purpose.
  • embrace the victorious life God has in store for them.
  • to find the beauty in the ashes by impacting those around them in a positive way.