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Sponsor a Girl

Do you know, love, or care about pre-teen girls who needs to know their true value?

These girls see 1000 images from the media each day. If we are not careful, instagram will define beauty for them.

The media will tell them their appearance IS their worth. What a lie that is!

Together, we can dispel that lie and point them towards the truth.

My story of finding the real meaning of beauty in the midst of feeling empty and discarded and working as a runway model will help your girl see there is more to beauty than meets the eye.

Our ministry has reached hundreds of thousands of young women by teaching them to identify the lies and replace them with the truth of their identity in Christ.

Right now, we are offering gift packages to pre-teen girls to reach them when they are young, impressionable, and curious. These girls love hearing about my life in the modeling industry. This gives me an opportunity to teach them to the truth of their true value!

For just $20, you can sponsor a pre-teen girl with the gift of her identity in Christ. Each pre-teen gift bag includes: a copy of my book Pretty From the Inside Out and a special letter on the real meaning of beauty, from my heart to hers. 

Click on one of the links below to sponsor a pre-teen girl!

"Man looks at the outward appearance, but God sees the heart." - 1 Samuel 16:7

To give our ministry a general gift to support our work with women and girls around the world, click here.

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Jen's Journal
Jen's Journal