You are seen. You are known. You are loved. You may not feel like that right now, but the truth is, you are worth more than you realize. No matter where you’ve been or what your past may be, your future awaits you. The pain you have been through can pave a pathway to brighter days, if you choose the right road forward.

You are more than the sum of your parts or the places you have been. You are more than your body’s shape and size. You are more than your social media following, and you are worth more than your worst moment.

Deep down, you know you are made with a purpose. You have dreams for your life. You have a destiny. All of our books, Bible studies, teaching videos, classes, and live events are meant to bring out the best in you.


One day, I was a young girl in search of stardom, and it seemed like the next day I was Barbie for the 35th anniversary of the doll, walking Giorgio Armani’s runway, and appearing in Italian Vogue. Yet beneath all that, I was searching for more. I wanted love, a purpose, and I knew life was so much more than what we see on the surface.

Through a series of painful events, I found myself on my knees, begging God to send me love and to heal my wounded heart. With my emaciated body in desperate need of health and wellness, I left modeling in search of a more authentic life. And this is only the beginning of the story.


If you’ve dreamt of writing book and don’t know how to start — or finish — I can help you achieve that dream. As an eight-times published author with a Master’s in Writing, I teach women how to wrestle their writing schedule to the ground, find their best path to publishing, write through the pain of their pasts, and reach the readers who need their message the most.

Your story matters. Your dream matters. And I can help you get there.


You Are More than what Men, Mirrors, and Magazines Say

Through real life experience, Jen teaches women to turn away from the “mirrors of the world” and look into the never-changing mirror of the Word, where their beauty, identity, and worth become crystal clear. We are God’s beloved daughters, precious creations, beautiful temples, shining lights, and chosen ambassadors, designed to reflect His image to this generation.

Beautiful Lies Book and Study Guide Combo


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