Jen’s Journal

Jen’s Journal

5 Tips for a (Truly) Happy Thanksgiving

1. Lighten up. Life is short. Live today like it could be your last. 2. Expect nothing. That way everything you receive is a blessing. 3. Don’t get your panties […]

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When Women Preach the Word

Apparently some people are upset that women have been preaching. It’s kind of funny, since the first person to announce the resurrection was a woman, commissioned by Jesus himself. I […]

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When God Turns a Page (how putting HOME 1st changes everything)

I have always loved public ministry. No matter the opportunity, I love inspiring women that in Christ, we can ALL have a new day. We can all turn a page. […]

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Jen!

I hope you find your worth in MORE than the media tells you, so you become the woman of strength & character you’re destined to be.

As a former model, wife, mom, author and Tedx speaker, I need messages of faith to inspire my days. These posts are designed to remind you where your true beauty & power reside – inside of YOU!


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    Every female who engaged in our retreat through Jennifer’s teaching left in a better place than when she first came! Jennifer’s teaching was challenging and used by God to help them believe they are more than the reflection they see in the mirror. She had an amazing ability to connect with each person in the audience through story, teaching, and reflection exercises. It was an amazing day that will have long lasting impact!

    Pat Cimo

    Pat Cimo, Women's Ministry Director, Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL

    Jennifer Strickland is a humble, effective speaker who touches the heart, emotions, and psyche, while still challenging us to think about who we are and how we see ourselves. Transparent, gracious, and compassionate, Jennifer uses her solid teaching, biblical knowledge, and personal stories to reach young and old. She is a beautiful person whose true beauty comes from within. She was an incredible speaker for our conference, encouraging women to find their identity in Christ. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team. She’s a treasure to both men and women. Her message is so needed in a world inundated with social media and negative messages that attempt to erode the beauty God has placed in each of us.

    Margi Giovannetti

    Margi Giovannetti, J.D., Director, Be. Conference, Redding, CA

    Boldly and compassionately, Jennifer engages the reader into thinking about God’s original intent for sex. Contrary to popular culture, sex isn’t about making women into objects, controlling others, or a way to cope with pain. Sex is a gift from God that joins a husband and wife together. Open your mind, heart, and be prepared to see the beauty of sex through God’s eyes. This book could change you, it may heal you, it might save your marriage, and it could prepare you before you get married. Make no mistake, this book is a game changer. I plan on recommending it to women and men alike.

    Discovery Church

    Caleb Kaltenbach, Lead Pastor of Discovery Church and author of Messy Grace

    In a culture that seeks to convince us sexual purity is an antiquated philosophy, Jennifer Strickland proves the opposite. In 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe about Sex, she uncovers the lies that would have us believe purity of mind and body stands in the way of our sexual freedoms. Through candid stories and personal transparency she reveals the truth about sex—that purity does not inhibit physical pleasure but liberates us to enjoy sex the way it was designed to be. . .pleasure without pain or remorse.

    Tracey Mitchell

    Tracey Mitchell, Speaker, TV Host, and Author of Downside Up

    21 Myths is grace-filled, honest, and overflows with love. The insight and wisdom into the forbidden topic of sex opens the door for REAL conversation that renews, restores, and redeems hope, joy, beauty, and trust.

    Saddleback Church

    Debbie Eaton, Champion and Coach to the Next Generation of Women, Former Director of Women’s Ministry, Saddleback Church
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