Sponsor a Girl in Chile

Right now, our ministry has an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to reach 22,000 girls in Chile!

Last year, our outreach speaker Christina Boudreau visited Chile on a mission trip, and reported that nearly every girl she spoke to experienced rape, abuse, eating disorders, cutting, depression, or attempted suicide. Christina, who is part of The Whosoevers movement, is traveling back to Chile in August.

Because of deep unrest among youth in Chile, the government has opened the doors to public schools in eight cities for the Whosoevers team to share the gospel with the entire school while addressing the pressing issues youth face today. They will be speaking in 40 schools, which equates to roughly 45,000 students, half of which are girls. 

Christina is asking that our ministry send 700 books to Chile for these outreach events–so we need your help to make this possible!

In Christina’s words:

“I am the outreach; the books are the discipleship, and these girls not only need to encounter the gospel, but also need resources to help with their recovery. Jennifer’s books that are translated in Spanish are the perfect tool for these girls to continue their deep healing journey in Christ.”

Our goal is to provide discipleship material for girls who are vulnerable to trafficking, abuse, and poor mental health. For each girl you sponsor, you are making a generational impact.

We couldn’t do it without your support!

With your donation, each girl you sponsor will receive a Beautiful Lies book in Spanish that will help her discover her identity, value, and purpose in Christ.

Beautiful Lies (Mentiras Atractivas) helps girls identify the lies they believe because of unhealthy relationships, media influence, and poor self image.

This valuable resource helps them discover their identity in Christ: they are God’s beloved daughters and precious creations; their bodies are His temples;  and they are lights to this world.

We want to teach them who they are in God’s eyes.

Outreach speaker Christina Boudreau is visiting 40 schools in Chile, sharing the gospel with 45, 000 youth.

Your gift provides discipleship material for the girls she will reach. We also plan to equip the churches with material that is specific to the problems youth are facing today.

These countries are low in resources, and our books are vital tools to teach young women their identity and value in Christ.

Please mail contributions to:
U R More with Jennifer Strickland
P.O. Box 314, Colleyville TX 76034-0314

Or call us to give by phone:

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