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Book and Study Guide
for 12 weeks, starting April 24th


This is for YOU! No matter your age, you will love this study! It will help you find peace in the skin you are in and discover God’s purpose for your life.


The Daughters of the King online book and Bible study led by Lindsey Graham, “The Patriot Barbie.”


Go follow @the.patriot.barbie on Instagram and join her Instagram Live at 6 PM Pacific time on Wednesday, April 24th. (When someone goes live, you click their profile picture that says LIVE on the picture.) It’s that simple!


You can join from your phone or computer! You will not be in the picture so no need to get dolled up.


Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! The war on women has been waged. We must find our identity in Christ to find our fulfillment in Him alone.


All you need to do is purchase the Girl Perfect book and Study Guide (which you can get from this page right below)! You will receive study materials in the mail!

April 24th: An introduction and expectations by @the.patriot.barbie. [No need to complete any reading or homework, but if you want to start reading, go for it!]

Every Wednesday at 6 pm PST from May 1 – July 10.


Enter the coupon code “PATRIOTBARBIE” to receive a discount at checkout.


“I kept putting this book on the top shelf, out of reach, for years, thinking, ‘This could not possibly be relevant to me. I’m not a girl! I’m a grown woman!’

“Well, this ‘grown’ woman was ALL girl on the inside and a very exhausted one at that. Do you think that the title disqualifies you because of your age? I did. Do you think you could not possibly have anything in common with a former runway model? Yep, me too. You will quickly discover that her struggles, her pain, her pursuit for perfection is no different than mine or yours.

“She is unpretentious, real, raw and most of all courageous. She dares to expose the lies we believe, our self-imposed expectations and the constant cultural chatter that tells us we are not enough and perfection is just around the corner. You will find bits and pieces of yourself in every chapter. Do you want to know the best part? She’ll introduce you to the only One who will keep you in perfect peace and release you to be exactly who He created you to be. She is a walking testimony of John 8:32 (NLT) ‘And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ It is indeed a journey of freedom that I’m on, one chapter at a time, dispelling lie after lie and declaring truth upon truth. Pick up a copy and dive in. You’re worth it.”
— Jamie Buckner – The Circle of Sisters

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