Speaking Up on Behalf of the Children (they need to hear truth.)

During the Trump presidency, I mostly chose not to speak publicly about his campaign, feeling instead that my calling is to help young women with their self-esteem. During Covid I […]

When a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

In the world of snapchat, instagram, facebook, and twitter, how do we raise girls who know their worth? Thousands of pictures scroll before their eyes daily. How can we instill […]

U R Cared For (when you aren’t so sure…)

I always seem to be writing out of the wrestle. The moment I think I’m the only one feeling pinned to the mat breathless, along comes other girls who say they feel pinned […]

Choose Forgiveness

In January, we get to hit the “reset” button. New goals, new focus, new direction. I love January because we get to start again — it’s like the morning light washing away […]

U R a Girl who Struggles with her Body (and you are in my kitchen)

“I don’t have a bathing suit body,” the sweet one says as she takes off her shirt on fast forward and jumps in the pool.  At the table later, she explains […]

U R Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (when you are being squeezed)

“When you are in the vise grip,” Devi once told me, “and you are being squeezed … like a lemon, let it produce sweet juice in you – sweet lemonade, refreshing to […]

U R More Beautiful Than You Know (a message for the girls…)

“Everyone’s talking about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show  … how this one girl wore this multi-million dollar outfit …. and how amazing they all are …” The lights on my daughter’s […]

U R my Beloved (looking through the lens of the Father’s eyes)

Writing a book takes at least a year.  Or a lifetime. Beautiful Lies took a lifetime of believing people measured my value.  Broken by the lie that “I was what […]

U R More Than You Think You Are
U R More Than You Think You Are (even though you think you’re not?)

When I saw her in the dream, she exuded fab.  She sauntered in high heels and a tailored dress, her red hair sweeping wild over beaming eyes. But the girl […]

More Beautiful Than You Know
U R My Favorite (my new book!!!)

When it comes to writing books, am I allowed to have a favorite?  Like children, my books have their own birth stories.  “This one hurt more than that one.”  “This […]

Our Gifts (Part 1)

We are all givers and receivers.  This coming season of gift-giving is upon us – and there will be lots of fun boxes with bows – yet today I’m focused […]

Marriage, Motherhood, and Ministry … (Part 1)

I’m laughing at how long it’s been since I’ve posted a note. Makes perfect sense to me! Had a baby in Feb 2011; increased my focus on marriage, motherhood, and […]

An Unveiled Face

What do you look like without makeup? If you are a man, you would say — what you see is what you get! But if you are a woman, you […]

Choose to Pause

December 26th has always been my favorite day of the year. Of course this makes no sense to my kids. They can’t imagine any day being better than Christmas. But […]

Choose to be Transformed

I AM PACKING UP to leave a place that is very dear to my heart today. Our family moved to Lake Arrowhead, Ca about three years ago. When we moved […]

Neither do I condemn you

There was this woman with a big "A" on her chest. No, not Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter, but her predecessor. Her name in the Bible is simply "a woman caught in adultery." Maybe she is nameless because that's how she felt the day the teachers of t

Unfading Beauty

The Word teaches that real beauty comes from the inner self. This is great news on days when we feel ugly. In fact, 1 Peter 3:3 (on right) is one […]

How Beautiful

My feet have never been my best feature. Let’s just say no one has ever called them remotely attractive. But like God does with so many things the world calls […]

An Unveiled Face

What do you look like without makeup? If you are a man, you would say — what you see is what you get! But if you are a woman, you […]

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