girl looking through cracked window
When You Must Look at What You Don’t Want to See (meeting grace and truth in hard places)

Shutting our eyes is easier than opening them wide to the hard truth, because the hard truth casts light on what we don’t want to see. It’s a strange truth […]

U R Waiting for your Miracle (how to grab faith by the horns and wrestle hope down)

People say waiting is the hardest part. I say faith is the hardest part, believing for more when what you see is less. Knowing there is a firm walkway under your […]

U R a Fighter (3 Ways to Fight for What You Want)

There is an old wood sign that hangs outside our laundry room door. It reads: HOME. When things went sideways in my marriage, I used to stand under that sign, folding […]

U R Beautifying Us (How Hard Times Change Us for the Better)

“Oh, and Jen,” she says, “I feel like God wants  me to share something with you, that you need some Good News….” The news she shares is private, and it […]

U R My Provider (laying down what you want for what you need)

When faced with laying down the treasure of his heart, Abraham obeyed. He rose early, took his son Isaac whom he loved, and went up to the mountain to offer […]

U R the Calm Amidst the Storm (when the winds are blowing and the way is unsure)

They say another storm is coming. We huddle in; we cease to travel; we make soup. The way is blurry; we could slip on the ice; we don’t know what […]

Christmas for the Longing
U R Not Alone (the Redeemer Speaks …)

You are not alone, not ever. This post is written in honor of Rick and Kay Warren, whose Son went to heaven last year. (Every once in a while the […]

Speaking in Schools

One of my favorite things I do these days is speak in schools. Before I arrive, I try to talk to the counselor. If anyone knows what goes on behind […]

Choose to be Transformed

I AM PACKING UP to leave a place that is very dear to my heart today. Our family moved to Lake Arrowhead, Ca about three years ago. When we moved […]

Choose Courage

When Joshua was on his way to the promised land, God told him to be strong and very courageous. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you,He […]

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