Beginning with Thanks and Praise

This week on Jen’s Journal, I’d like to welcome my longtime friend and sister Megan Carter to the writing chair.  Megan and I have shared hundreds of prayer calls across […]

Getting What We Want vs. Knowing What We Need

Sometimes we get what we want. Other times, we get what we need, and we may not always like it. But if we call ourselves believers, we must also believe […]

U R Fighting a Battle (how counting breaks through fear)

I am sitting on my back porch watching a mama bird feed her babies. There are two birds — the Daddy caws protection from predators, and Mama returns with tiny worms. […]

U R More Than Enough, God (On the Porch, meeting with the God of the More)

When I look out upon grassy fields, shorn brown and sweet green smell of rain, when I am silent to hear the dove and sparrow, even the crick of this porch … when a single raindrop, a rooster’s crow, quiet pat […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a beautiful year of ministry.  We’ve had many laughs, seen many tears, and witnessed many lives changed by Christ.  Today, we celebrate HIM!  Merry Christmas!

Our Gifts (Part 2)

My husband and I come from families who are big gift-givers. As children we both have cherished memories of mornings filled with presents. So with our own family we take […]

Our Gifts (Part 1)

We are all givers and receivers.  This coming season of gift-giving is upon us – and there will be lots of fun boxes with bows – yet today I’m focused […]

Choose Gratitude

The first thing that Michael Phelps did when he won his 8th gold medal at the Olympic games was give credit to his teammates. No ones gets to his place […]

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