Women of Judah Conference

Victory Church, Providence, Rhode Island

A Cry for American Women (and what we can do right now)

Almost twenty years after 9/11, the unthinkable happened. The Taliban took over Kabul, and an image of a desperate mother throwing her baby over barbed wire to American soldiers seared […]

7 Ways to Ready ourselves for the New Year (in no particular order)

There are 7 things I love about Christmastime that help us start a New Year right. The Birth of Jesus Mornings by the Tree Deadlines December 26th Everyone Home A […]

Butler Pennsylvania

Patriotism isn’t dead, but facebook is a graveyard. I used to scroll through my facebook feed and see all these brave warriors waving flags and banding together and standing up […]

Global Media Summit

Jennifer speaks to aspiring authors and speakers.

Real Women Real Life

Women’s and teen’s conference for Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

The Power of Love Unites Us

Dear Friends, I feel like it’s time I finally share my heart with you over the outrage happening in our country. As we have watched the suffering and division of […]

Are You Okay with Prayer in Schools Now?

We picked up school supplies yesterday. Mask-wearing teachers stood in a row, their faces hidden. That vital connection between student and teacher felt lost in the thick air between our […]

When Women Preach the Word

Apparently some people are upset that women have been preaching. It’s kind of funny, since the first person to announce the resurrection was a woman, commissioned by Jesus himself. I […]

I am praying for our nation, and I have something to say about this election.

Our country is at a crossroads, and we need a fearless leader.    We have two candidates who can win the Presidency, and we have to get behind one.  Two people […]

Why you Need Grace and Truth for Real Change to Happen

It can get messy trying to figure out how change really happens.  When we don’t deal with hurts, when we bury or mask truth, things only get worse. The other day […]

Christmas blessing
U R Not in Control (but I know One who is…)

How is it we both resist and pursue being out of control? Not having control makes me uneasy. But I love the taste of surrender, the throwing hands up, tossing […]

A New Name: U R More

My mentor Devi Titus once told me that when God gave her the name to match her vision, only then could she pursue it.  She’s the same elegant woman who wrinkled […]

Choose to Trust

In God we trust: these words are stamped on every dollar we earn and spend. What do they mean? Is to trust God the same as releasing your cancer-stricken daughter […]

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