Women of Judah Conference

Victory Church, Providence, Rhode Island

A Cry for American Women (and what we can do right now)

Almost twenty years after 9/11, the unthinkable happened. The Taliban took over Kabul, and an image of a desperate mother throwing her baby over barbed wire to American soldiers seared […]

7 Ways to Ready ourselves for the New Year (in no particular order)

There are 7 things I love about Christmastime that help us start a New Year right. The Birth of Jesus Mornings by the Tree Deadlines December 26th Everyone Home A […]

Butler Pennsylvania

Patriotism isn’t dead, but facebook is a graveyard. I used to scroll through my facebook feed and see all these brave warriors waving flags and banding together and standing up […]

Global Media Summit

Jennifer speaks to aspiring authors and speakers.

Real Women Real Life

Women’s and teen’s conference for Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

The Power of Love Unites Us

Dear Friends, I feel like it’s time I finally share my heart with you over the outrage happening in our country. As we have watched the suffering and division of […]

Are You Okay with Prayer in Schools Now?

We picked up school supplies yesterday. Mask-wearing teachers stood in a row, their faces hidden. That vital connection between student and teacher felt lost in the thick air between our […]

When Women Preach the Word

Apparently some people are upset that women have been preaching. It’s kind of funny, since the first person to announce the resurrection was a woman, commissioned by Jesus himself. I […]

I am praying for our nation, and I have something to say about this election.

Our country is at a crossroads, and we need a fearless leader.    We have two candidates who can win the Presidency, and we have to get behind one.  Two people […]

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