Reaching Girls in Chile 🇨🇱

Dear Friends and Ministry Supporters, Right now, our ministry has an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to reach 22,000 girls in Chile! Last year, Christina Boudreau (pictured below) visited Chile on a mission […]

The Evil Behind the Image (Baal-enciaga’s child pedophilia campaign)

When 1.8 billion dollars, 2 million likes, and a photo campaign of very young children holding teddy bears wearing sexual bondage gear hits the presses, people in the modeling industry […]

BE Event

Jennifer speaks to teen girls about their identity, value, and self-image at a teen conference.

New York Women of Purpose Event

Women’s retreat, three sessions

The Power of Love Unites Us

Dear Friends, I feel like it’s time I finally share my heart with you over the outrage happening in our country. As we have watched the suffering and division of […]

Are You Okay with Prayer in Schools Now?

We picked up school supplies yesterday. Mask-wearing teachers stood in a row, their faces hidden. That vital connection between student and teacher felt lost in the thick air between our […]

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