Online & In Person Bible Studies Start This Thursday! ūüíó

Dear Friends, If you are looking for deeper community, spiritual growth, and a sisterhood to support you in your walk with God, I encourage you to join our in-person or […]

You are Invited! Join my Circle of Sisters to help you grow in your faith

Hey Friends! If there’s one thing I know, it’s that being surrounded by a circle of sisters in Christ is one of the most powerful forces for positive change in […]

Support Teen Girls and Widows in India

Hey friends, we have a special opportunity right now to support women and girls in India. Christina Boudreau, a woman who has given her life for the cause of Christ, […]

Behind the Prison Walls (we all have a story . . . )

I learn so much when I go beyond this barbed wire. Despite our differences, we all share¬†the same bond of needing love, respect, grace, and dignity.¬† On a recent visit […]

Women of Judah Conference

Victory Church, Providence, Rhode Island

The Rip Current of Gender Ideology (and what I’m doing about it.)

As we approach 18 years in ministry, we are stepping into uncharted waters. ¬†In the last eight years, the number of girls seeking “transitioning” gender treatment has¬†skyrocketed by 4515%, a […]

Christmas Waits for No Man

Dear Friends, I’m sharing a message I wrote seven years ago about the meaning of Christmas. I hope you’ll take the time to soak in the true reason we celebrate […]

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Dear Friends, First of all, I want to honor the brave men and women of our armed forces, including those who fought in Afghanistan and lost their lives.¬†They are truly […]

Arise and Shine (for the glory of the Lord rises upon you)

In 2020, I had a dream. In the dream, I was writing a facebook post about politics when God stepped in and got in my face. “But YOU,” He said, […]

Women in Leadership Development

Jennifer speaks to leaders in her own community.

Sunday Services

Jennifer speaks at 3 Sunday services for Neighborhood Church of Redding

Beautiful Lies Online Study

Jennifer teaches 10 weeks from her Beautiful Lies Study Guide on FB live, helping them find their value, identity, and purpose. Begins March 28th and ends May 23.

When Women Preach the Word

Apparently some people are upset that women have been preaching. It’s kind of funny, since the first person to announce the resurrection was a woman, commissioned by Jesus himself. I […]

When God Turns a Page (how putting HOME 1st changes everything)

I have always loved public ministry. No matter the opportunity, I love inspiring women that in Christ, we can ALL have a new day. We can all turn a page. […]

Beginning with Thanks and Praise

This week on Jen’s Journal, I’d like to welcome my longtime friend and sister Megan Carter to the writing chair. ¬†Megan and I have shared hundreds of prayer calls across […]

When prayer is your greatest weapon

Some people just know how to wage war. “My strategy is going to be prayer,” Trudi leans over the desk and says to me.¬†The lines on either side of her […]

Getting What We Want vs. Knowing What We Need

Sometimes we get what we want. Other times, we get what we need, and we may not always like it. But if we call ourselves believers, we must also believe […]

He who Promised is Faithful (getting back to basics…)

I’ve been mining the Scriptures for the real meaning of ministry, getting back to basics. It’s fascinating to watch the guys in the Book of Acts figure out how to […]

Beautiful Lie #2: You are Not What You See in the Mirror (can someone help a girl out here?)

We’ve got girls wanting to retouch their thighs … and their eyes … and it’s all based on lies.¬† If there is one chapter I hope women read from my […]

Beautiful Truth #1: You are God’s Beloved (how to hold onto your crown when it falls off)

There must be a formula for being a great child of God, for wearing the crown well, for reflecting His goodness¬†near and far. I just don’t know it yet. But […]

Beautiful Lie #1: Man is not your Mirror (and the better truth that sets us free)

When I decided to do Beautiful Lies on Facebook live, we couldn’t have guessed our son’s childhood friend would die tragically in the first week. As the Word says, “Man […]

How looking in the mirror teaches us our “who” and our “do” – and some big news about Jen on FB Live starting March 21

“How did becoming a Christian change your life?” her sweet, innocent voice asks, the telephone line connecting me to California. “That’s a good question,” I answered Grace, our niece whose […]

girl looking through cracked window
When You Must Look at What You Don’t Want to See (meeting grace and truth in hard places)

Shutting our eyes is easier than opening them wide to the hard truth, because the hard truth casts light on what we don’t want to see. It’s a strange truth […]

Why you Need Grace and Truth for Real Change to Happen

It can get messy trying to figure out how change really happens.¬† When we don’t deal with hurts, when we bury or mask truth,¬†things only get worse. The other day […]

Choose Forgiveness

In January, we get to hit the “reset” button. New goals, new focus, new direction.¬†I love January because we get to start again —¬†it’s like the morning light washing away […]

U R the Same but Different (going beyond the barbed wire…)

I stood outside the prison walls, gazing high at the barbed wire spiraling the top of the fence. Inside, the concrete cracked and crumbled. “The grounds are more depressing than […]

U R Becoming Rich (when you need a new definition)

“Do you know how many people we could bless?” the hunter says to me, glancing over his shoulder as I rummage through the makeup drawer. The spark in his eye […]

U R Waiting for your Miracle (how to grab faith by the horns and wrestle hope down)

People say waiting is the hardest part. I say faith is the hardest part, believing for more when what you¬†see is less. Knowing there is a firm walkway under your […]

U Need a Miracle (how to hope when what you want is huge)

So you need a miracle. I get that — I really, really get that. This is an exciting moment for both of us. We are the children of the God […]

U R Fighting a Battle (how counting breaks through fear)

I am sitting on my back porch watching a mama bird feed her babies. There are two birds — the Daddy caws protection from predators, and Mama returns¬†with tiny worms. […]

U R my Confidence (Why Trust is the Key to Joy)

They say worrying is like a rocking chair — it gets you nowhere. But trust is a rocking chair too.¬†I know, because I sat in one the other night. When […]

U R in Need of Rest (how to pursue the peace you want)

Confession: I’ve become scheduled Susie, checklist Charlie.¬†I study color-coated calendars and rearrange blocks of time in hopes the next day will run more smoothly than the last. This is what […]

U R a Fighter (3 Ways to Fight for What You Want)

There is an old wood sign that hangs outside our laundry room door. It reads: HOME. When things went sideways¬†in my marriage, I used to stand under that sign, folding […]

U R Beautifying Us (How Hard Times Change Us for the Better)

“Oh, and Jen,” she says, “I feel like God wants ¬†me to share something with you, that you need some Good News….” The news she shares is private, and it […]

U R My Provider (laying down what you want for what you need)

When faced with laying down the treasure of his heart, Abraham obeyed. He rose early, took his son Isaac whom he loved, and went up to the mountain to offer […]

U R a Momma So …

U R a Momma So: You are a vessel to the future. You are a molder and a shaper, a giver of gifts and grace. You signed your name on […]

U R a Seed (how dying sprouts new life)

Baby Judah was born, died, and raised on the same day: A seed, sprouting to new life.¬† Bethany, the young mother you see here, posted this to her Facebook page: […]

U R Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (when you are being squeezed)

“When you are in the vise grip,”¬†Devi once told me, “and you are being squeezed … like a lemon, let it produce sweet juice in¬†you – sweet lemonade, refreshing to […]

Jennifer Strickland books
U R Beautiful to Me (a miracle at a book signing)

I met her at a book signing. Her skin was like silken milk chocolate. Her eyes darted in agony as she strained¬†to speak. No matter how hard she tried, no¬†discernible […]

Jennifer Strickland Wedding Day Pure
U R My Safe Place (The True Shades of Real Love)

This is an open letter to my husband, in case there are any women out there caught in shades of grey. U R My Lover, and I’ve loved you in […]

U R Created to Create (when the longings are real and what you want is honest)

There are plump raspberries, tangy almonds, dried apricots, cheeses and chocolates. There is wine, tea, and a gathering of women. My friend Tracy summons us a few times a year, […]

writing U R More on girl
U R on My Mind (to the girl with the dark eyes)

As I looked out at the sea of faces, her’s struck me. The five hundred high school girls in the audience nearly all have brown eyes and dark hair, but […]

U R Forgiven (a message for all)

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they are doing.” The spirit of Christ’s words rose like smoke from a heart on fire. “I forgive you,” I wrote, “There […]

Pioneer Girls, Rebecca Friedlander
U R My Friend So I Promise …

U R My Friend, so I promise: to love you when you are messy and life is messy and things are hard. to believe in the best of you even […]

A Gift opens the way for the Giver.
U R a Giver (how giving gives back!)

I give each year a title. This coming year for me is The Year of the Giver. The year to give steadfast love. The year to give hope. The year […]

U R More Beautiful Than You Know (a message for the girls…)

“Everyone’s talking about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show ¬†… how this one girl wore¬†this multi-million dollar outfit …. and how amazing they all are …” The lights on my daughter’s […]

Christmas for the Longing
U R Not Alone (the Redeemer Speaks …)

You are not alone, not ever. This post is written in honor of Rick and Kay Warren, whose Son went to heaven last year. (Every once in a while the […]

Christmas blessing
U R Not in Control (but I know One who is…)

How is it we both resist and pursue being out of control? Not having control makes me uneasy. But I love the taste of surrender, the throwing hands up, tossing […]

thanksgiving, Jennifer Strickland
U R a Gift (Mama Inez’s Chocolate Pie and the best recipe ever for leftover turkey!)

One of the biggest things that healed my self-image was getting back in the kitchen with the women I love. As a Thanksgiving gift to you, we are sharing family […]

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