U R a Voice for Good (how truth spoken in love changes us)

When I got to the chapter on homosexuality, I skipped right over it. I was dead scared. I left it till the end. Like, the very end — right before the book […]

Jennifer Strickland Wedding Day Pure
U R My Safe Place (The True Shades of Real Love)

This is an open letter to my husband, in case there are any women out there caught in shades of grey. U R My Lover, and I’ve loved you in […]

Marriage, Motherhood, and Ministry… (Part 2)

These days I'm blogging about Marriage, Motherhood, and Ministry. You know when it feels like God has his thumb on you regarding something and He just won't let off the pressure until you get it - until you really, really get it and prove that you get it

Marriage, Motherhood, and Ministry … (Part 1)

I’m laughing at how long it’s been since I’ve posted a note. Makes perfect sense to me! Had a baby in Feb 2011; increased my focus on marriage, motherhood, and […]

Choose to Honor

Did you know the most commonly quoted verse on woman’s beauty is sandwiched by instructions on how to honor our husbands? Whether we’re married or not, we better hear this […]

Choose Love

"Choose love," I could sense God telling me. "But Lord, I don’t feel …." "Choose love," He repeated in the quiet of my heart. "If you want to be like […]

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