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The Rip Current of Gender Ideology (and what I’m doing about it.)

As we approach 18 years in ministry, we are stepping into uncharted waters.  In the last eight years, the number of girls seeking “transitioning” gender treatment has skyrocketed by 4515%, a study out of the UK recently reported–and social media is a major influence.

For many years, I have mentored a girl one-on-one who wanted to escape the world of pornography addiction and sexual immorality that began in her early teen years, and I could talk to her all day long. She knows I love her and am here to offer truth, grace, and a listening ear.

But the world of social media has never felt like a natural fit for me. By nature, I am reclusive. I could stay home with the Cowboy, serving my family, trying new recipes, and writing books. I don’t need, nor do I necessarily want, to put myself out there on social media.

I’ve always loved real girls, real people, real time, face-to-face.

But the world has changed and without speaking through media, I am losing a valuable opportunity to reach multitudes of girls caught in the rip current of gender questioning, looking for their identity.

As I have watched the phenomenon of “gender identity” sweep through our families, schools, and communities, I have grown increasingly concerned at the impact this ideology is having on children’s lives.

I’ve closely studied the implications of “gender-affirming care,” including puberty blockers, testosterone, and surgeries which can destroy a child’s sexual function for life, not to mention what it does to them socially. (Stay tuned for more posts on “gender-affirming care”).

While “woke” therapists and doctors tell us that female and male identities are interchangeable, that teaching is not without consequence. We are made by God with biological sex and He says A LOT about the body being holy.  Is it wise for a person to reject their biology and form an identity separate from their God-given sex? And is it wise to teach children they can do this at whim?

I’ve been teaching on the subject of body image, sexuality and self worth for too many years to not speak up about the blurred lines between sex and gender and the confusing messages of this movement.

This is the exact reason our ministry exists: to help girls reject the lies the media feeds them, find peace in the bodies they are in, and find their God-given purpose.

When I was anorexic, what if my doctor had said, “Yes, Jennifer, I agree—in fact I affirm—that you need to lose weight! Here’s a prescription for fat burners, and let’s get you a tummy tuck! In fact, I confirm [the lie] that you are overweight! And we won’t tell your mother about these drugs I’m giving you because YOU DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE and I am here to support you!” Today, doctors and therapists are mandated to affirm the incongruence of reality (the girls’ biological sex) with her feelings of not wanting to be a boy or girl. These kids are struggling, and most adults are too afraid to go against the current.

Most of us have people we know or possibly love who are being swept away in this current. If we are silent at a time like this, there will be a tidal wave of backlash when these girls grow up and become women who realize they want children.  Once their pre-frontal cortex is developed at around 25, they will sue those doctors and therapists who gave them life-altering drugs and surgeries that permanently marred their bodies. In many cases, these children will become life-long medical patients who are deformed for life. This is happening right now. 

Jesus tells us the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children. We must protect them above all else. At the same time, Jesus stood up for the marginalized people of society—the ones others reject, look down upon, snicker, and scold. Jesus came to heal the broken, not the well.

We have an opportunity right now to care for people in the way of Christ: to move towards them, not away from them. Just as Christ came to us, we are called to move towards those who feel small, hidden, judged. Jesus told off the prideful religious people and spent his time healing the sick, and we can do the same.

The question is not whether “gender is fluid,” but how exactly to help those who are caught in a rip current they cannot fight alone. The question is not “How many genders are there?” And “What’s the difference between sex and gender anyway?”

The right question to ask is: What are we going to do to help the kids in the current? Even if those kids insist they like the current, or think they do, because it gives them acceptance and belonging?

I know what it feels like to be in a current–at three times in my life, I believed a lie so strongly it became my identity–and the people who intervened are my heroes.  More than once, a brave messenger intersected my journey and challenged me to look at where that current would lead, and insisted I stop and look at the beliefs I was holding so tightly to. Luckily, I listened.

Right now, you know someone directly or indirectly who is in a current. That person needs our unconditional love–they need grace and truth. 

I am stepping into the waters. I am writing a new book, projecting my voice on social media, and preparing to launch a podcast on the beauty and value of womanhood, which is under fire like never before.

You know it. I know it. And I need your help.

Our mission as a ministry has not changed: we believe that teaching girls their value, identity, and purpose in Christ is the life-giving answer. After the past few years of dramatically reduced in-person events, we need financial support to move forward by using media to teach girls their identity is not in their bodies or sexuality; but in Christ. I cannot do this alone. I need regular, recurring support to fund the podcast and strategic media onslaught I am planning now.

My call to action to you today is: Will you come alongside me to reach the kids in the current, who are crying out for help?

Your monthly or yearly donation can be a life preserver to someone who really needs a steady stream of truth right now. Together, we can do so much more. Even $25, $50, or $100 per month makes a huge impact in our ability to use media to project a positive, empowering vision of womanhood to the world. 

To be a woman is a miraculous gift. Let’s be an example and show the girls there is a better way.

I am dedicated to this cause and I am not afraid to speak up. Are you with me?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Jennifer

You can donate to our ministry by clicking here. 

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About the Author: Jennifer

Jennifer Strickland is a wife, mom, TEDx speaker, and former professional model. She is the author of Girl Perfect, More Beautiful Than You Know, and Beautiful Lies, among other books and Bible studies that teach women their worth in God’s eyes. Since leaving the modeling industry, she founded URMore.org, a non-profit ministry that provides resources to hurting women and girls. Her favorite moments are found working on the family ranch with her husband, who she calls “the Cowboy”; in her kitchen, concocting a new version of her famous spaghetti; or spending time with their three precious children.


At the age of 18, I was recovering from an eating disorder, cutting, and suicide when I read Jennifer Strickland’s book Girl Perfect and it changed my life. At the age of 33, as I travel the world reaching youth for the gospel, this is the only book I recommend to girls who are struggling. The Lord has truly anointed Jennifer’s words through her story, not only to address the struggles of today’s generation of girls, but also to walk them through the healing necessary for victory.

Christina Boudreau

Jennifer is a captivating speaker. She keeps the listener hanging in wonder of what’s coming next! Her presentation is not only absorbing, it reveals the truth of God’s power to heal a wounded spirit.

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown, Former Stonecroft Ministries Regional Representative, San Diego, CA

“The ‘P’ word [perfection] may be the heaviest burden women bear. All the misguided things we do to attain it can keep us away from what we need most – the unconditional love of God the Father. The Girl Perfect Study Guide gives you a map to the wholeness you were created for.”

Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg, author and former teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church

“The Girl Perfect Study Guide shatters the lies girls and women believe and points to the ultimate truth, which really does set us free. I am confident that this study will help thousands discover a beauty, purpose, and worth that truly lasts. Thank you Jen for exposing the ‘perfect life’ and inviting girls to experience God’s ‘perfect love.'”

Allie Marie Smith

Allie Marie Smith, Founder of Wonderfully Made

One of the best testaments to what Jennifer is doing for the young girls and women of today is a comment from my eleven-year-old granddaughter: “Grammy, I want to read this book and hear her again. She’s good and I learned a lot.” This is exactly what I experienced from a grown-up perspective when I was introduced to Jennifer Strickland’s amazing story. Read it and see if you don’t get the real story from an icon model and a powerful speaker of truth.”

Thelma Wells

Thelma Wells, D.D. (Hon), President of Woman of God Ministries
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