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More Beautiful Than You Know

When it comes to writing books, am I allowed to have a favorite?  Like children, my books have their own birth stories.  “This one hurt more than that one.”  “This one took forever to get out and finally we had to just surgically remove her!”  “This one took a long time to recover from: I was aching sore afterward ….” But there is something about this new baby book: More Beautiful Than You Know. She’s my secret favorite.

Part of it must be the eye of the cover.  She is curious to know who she is.  She is vulnerable, perhaps saved or lost.  She looks like someone who could get hurt if she believed lies about her value.  At the same time she looks like she could be courageous and powerful; she could protect her heart, body, and soul if she knew how to, if she knew Why.

Why should girls protect themselves?  Because they are worth it.  They are cherished, chosen, beloved daughters, the work of God’s hands and heart.  Their bodies are sacred beyond measure, temples even, holy and set apart for More.  More than just sex like it’s easy, more than just the size of their waists, more than selfies and social media mania.  More. They are More Beautiful Than They Know because their Maker, their heavenly home, their inheritance and influence are More Beautiful Than They Know too.

I loved Girl Perfect; still do.  She was birthed from a deep, long journey and I cherish her in her own way, pray her stories live on.  I adore Beautiful Lies and remember how she was born from stabs of pain and rays of hope.  But this one, More Beautiful:  she’s the new baby, beyond precious.  She came out easy, without a whole lot of kicking, and I wrap her in prayer, dedicate her life, and offer her as a gift both given and received.


If you have a young woman in your life, give her the Gift of knowing she is More Beautiful Than She Knows.

This book will help her:

  • love and respect herself by teaching her to see herself through her Father’s eyes
  • accept and care for her body as she learns to see it as a work of her Creator’s hand
  • protect and honor her sexuality as she grows to see her body as Holy Ground
  • reflect real beauty inside and outside the home by looking to Jesus as her Light
  • use screens for positive influence as she embraces her identity as an Ambassador of the Most High

It is my honor and privilege to present to you, More Beautiful Than You Know.  I believe this book can impact a whole generation of girls.  Will you help us reach young women with the message their true value comes from God?  Their real beauty comes from their identity as His beloved daughters, His precious creations, His beautiful temples,  His chosen ambasssadors.  Let’s give them this book and help them become World Changers!

  • For every 10 books sold we will donate 1 to a Teen Recovery Center of your choice.  
  • When you buy 20 books, we will donate 2 to a College Campus Sorority of your choice.  
  • When you buy 30 books, we will donate 3 books to the High School Library of your choice.  
  • If you don’t know where to send them, we will gladly send them in your name to places where young women congregate!

CLICK HERE to order your copies today and help us spread the aroma of Beautiful Truth to young women around the world!!!

With Joy!

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About the Author: Jennifer

Jennifer Strickland is a wife, mom, TEDx speaker, and former professional model. She is the author of Girl Perfect, More Beautiful Than You Know, and Beautiful Lies, among other books and Bible studies that teach women their worth in God’s eyes. Since leaving the modeling industry, she founded URMore.org, a non-profit ministry that provides resources to hurting women and girls. Her favorite moments are found working on the family ranch with her husband, who she calls “the Cowboy”; in her kitchen, concocting a new version of her famous spaghetti; or spending time with their three precious children.


At the age of 18, I was recovering from an eating disorder, cutting, and suicide when I read Jennifer Strickland’s book Girl Perfect and it changed my life. At the age of 33, as I travel the world reaching youth for the gospel, this is the only book I recommend to girls who are struggling. The Lord has truly anointed Jennifer’s words through her story, not only to address the struggles of today’s generation of girls, but also to walk them through the healing necessary for victory.

Christina Boudreau

Jennifer is a captivating speaker. She keeps the listener hanging in wonder of what’s coming next! Her presentation is not only absorbing, it reveals the truth of God’s power to heal a wounded spirit.

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown, Former Stonecroft Ministries Regional Representative, San Diego, CA

“The ‘P’ word [perfection] may be the heaviest burden women bear. All the misguided things we do to attain it can keep us away from what we need most – the unconditional love of God the Father. The Girl Perfect Study Guide gives you a map to the wholeness you were created for.”

Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg, author and former teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church

“The Girl Perfect Study Guide shatters the lies girls and women believe and points to the ultimate truth, which really does set us free. I am confident that this study will help thousands discover a beauty, purpose, and worth that truly lasts. Thank you Jen for exposing the ‘perfect life’ and inviting girls to experience God’s ‘perfect love.'”

Allie Marie Smith

Allie Marie Smith, Founder of Wonderfully Made

One of the best testaments to what Jennifer is doing for the young girls and women of today is a comment from my eleven-year-old granddaughter: “Grammy, I want to read this book and hear her again. She’s good and I learned a lot.” This is exactly what I experienced from a grown-up perspective when I was introduced to Jennifer Strickland’s amazing story. Read it and see if you don’t get the real story from an icon model and a powerful speaker of truth.”

Thelma Wells

Thelma Wells, D.D. (Hon), President of Woman of God Ministries
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